Will you obey God’s voice?

Will you obey God's voice?

Main Scripture: Genesis 22: 1-18

Do not be ashamed of doing things God’s way: Usually, when God calls us to fulfill His mandate in our lives, we tend to carry it out in secret for fear of what people will say or so that we will not have to explain ourselves in case it does not work out. Abraham brought an audience in the form of his servants, not because he needed comfort but a wealthy man in those days was to be accompanied on journeys. He had the choice not to but Abraham risked having to go back down the mountain without his son and explain that he had sacrificed Isaac done it for God.

Obey God even with the little that you have: It made no sense to Isaac to be going up the mountain to make a sacrifice to God with everything but the sacrificial lamb. Unbeknownst to him, Isaac was the planned sacrifice but in this moment, he learnt from his father, not to hold back on serving God because of perceived natural lack. This is a teachable moment that I think we should all embrace. There will never be a perfect moment to start doing what you are called to do so go for it and trust God throughout the process. If God placed it in your heart, He will see it through. Have an “I’ll bless God even when it is not enough” attitude and He will give you more than you bargained for.

mid God s voice

Obey God despite your fears: Naturally, Abraham should have feared the loss of his son. Abraham loved Isaac, the son who had been born to him in his old age. Isaac was a promise personified and at God’s request, Abraham was willing to let him go. It was this willingness to make the sacrifice which resulted in Abraham being blessed with descendants whom he would never be able to physically count. A hypothetical example is that you should obey your intuition if it is telling you that the man you are with may not be the one even when you fear that no one else will look your way. Who knows which blessings you are blocking due to what you are defiantly emotionally connected to?

There are levels to blessings: Speak God’s provision into situations of lack. Isaac’s immaturity justifies his short-sightedness.  He asks about the result of provision (the lamb) but Abraham responds to him by pointing out the source of provision (God). After Abraham mentioned that God would provide a lamb, God eventually provided a ram. This was a bountiful momentary blessing.

God is not confined to the limits of what we think that He should do for us (Ephesians 3:20). It was important that Isaac, the son who was both a result and facilitator of God’s promises in Abraham’s life not only see God provide enough but witness a miracle. Isaac knew what he wanted but God knew what He needed. God grants us blessings due to our spoken declarations.

The generational blessing is attached to obedience to God. The blessing that runs in your blood and is reserved for your kin will result from you being obedient to God. This is not always easy because we have our own plans for our lives and God reroutes us towards the path that is best for us.

God will give you a memory worth rehearsing: To keep ourselves from crumbling emotionally, we need a point of reference of God’s past blessings and miracles. These memories remind us that God will intervene and all things will work for our good again even when it does not feel that way. Obeying God will result in Him giving you a monument of His goodness which will fuel your faith (Psalms 77:10-12). Abraham named that place “Jehovah-jireh” meaning “The Lord Will Provide” and it is still known as a symbol of God’s provision.

Lastly, be so connected to God that you begin to prophesy even before you know it. Abraham did not lie to his son but he prophesied. Start speaking the truths in the Word of God into your life and the lives of those around you and watch them come to pass.

Love always,



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