Benefits of being raised by a single parent

Single parents often get a bad reputation. They are used as a crutch if their children mess up in life. It is time to salute the people who take on this tough job and carry a burden that was meant for two, alone. As much as the mainstream rhetoric has decided to focus on the negative, will highlight a few of the qualities you ought to be grateful for while being raised by a single parent or looking back at being raised by a single parent, whether male or female.

RESPONSIBILITY: Single parents teach you by example to stay for the sake of your children. I know parents who have selflessly sacrificed and made their lives revolve around their children. The level of devotion your parent shows you will translate to other areas of your life. Who does not want to be surrounded by someone who takes ownership of the people, departments or things that are left under their care?

It takes a village to raise a child

INDEPENDENCE: You learn that you can stand alone and truly do it by yourself. You have a living example of rejection of the stereotypes about women as mere dependents and men who are unable to run a household. Peer pressure becomes foreign because you watch your parent think for themselves and not be swayed in his/her decision making concerning you. This is a prerequisite for success because asserting yourself, what you truly value and stand for makes the path to achieving your goals clear.

UNITY: You know how it feels to have people rally around you. Children of single parents are a true result of the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. You are able to draw things from different people’s lives, for example, the uncle who is a protective father figure or the aunt who has made a success of her life from meager beginnings. You have the opportunity to live a well-rounded life, embrace it.

LIFE LESSONS: A lot of single parents are wells of wisdom and you will find yourself in multiple conversations about their past mistakes and how you should avoid them. These are the moments that cement your bonds with your parent through sharing your lives and your deepest thoughts and opinions. They are also moments when you learn to incorporate nuggets of wisdom in your life. There are some things in life that you are better off not learning through experience but simply by listening to teachings of those who have been there before.

TIGHT SECURITY: Single parents can be overprotective. You may realize that your friends get to explore so much more than you do. Negative rebellious moments are always “cool” in the moment but not when you must tell the story in hindsight and display your scars. This is not to say that we will not experience life’s painful moments and that when we do, we will not be able to pick ourselves up. During the often-frustrating times when your parent does or says things for your protection, do not withdraw and feel attacked but rather look at the inspiration behind their words and act accordingly.

LOVE: Your parent is human so mistakes will be common just as they are with you but understand that love motivates his/her actions. There are no guides provided about how to raise a child like you with all the transitions and decisions you will make. The person you will morph into over time is not clear to you or your parent. Grow your relationship with love and patience for each other’s differences.

Love always,



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